Subconscious Definition: 20 Different Explanations

There are many explanations of subconscious mind. Some are very easy to understand and some are too complex to melt in the brain. Here are 20 very simple explanations of subconscious mind that will help you to know the hidden world of yourself-

(1) To be or not to be- it says there is always a side that is going against all the decisions we are taking in life. This part of us that is not coming out is our subconscious.

(2) Silent worker- this is about the things we do in life. It says that everything we are doing and not doing in our life has a lot to do with our subconscious mind.

(3) History of a self- everything we see, hear or feel in daily life remains with us. This memory that is stored somewhere and it impacts on our life and on our doings. This hidden memory is subconscious.

(4) It is working always- it is a part of the mind that is working every day, every second. It is working even when we are sleeping and dreams are the result of such thinking.

(5) Suppressed force- in everyday life, we are suppressing our many desires and needs. All these suppressed desires stay in our self and this turns into the subconscious. This subconscious keeps working on our mind.

Subconscious Definition

(6) The way of life- according to many the subconscious mind is the result of our way of life. It depends on how we are living in our daily life.

(7) The society- in another opinion society plays a big role in developing our subconscious mind. We humans are a social animal and lots of things around us are going on every day that we can’t control and all these do impact on our mind.

(8) Forgotten memory- a memory is never forgotten and that is where the dichotomy is. Subconscious is referred as a memory that stays even if you are not conscious that is there.

(9) The Result of emotions- according to many subconscious is a result of different emotions that we experience in daily life.

(10) Effective on introvert persons- ‘subconscious’ is effective on everywhere, but it is more effective on people who are introvert because most of the time they are suppressing themselves.

(11) Imaginations- we do imagine ourselves in different circumstances and conditions even when we are awake. This is also a work subconscious.

(12) Pretention- every day we pretend different things in front of everyone and even to our self. This ‘pretention’ can be termed as ‘subconscious’ that is forcing us towards those pretentions unconsciously.

Subconscious Definition Explanations

(13) Motivator factor- subconscious is a factor that can be motivated through a proper process. This is beyond our regular abilities.

(14) Subconscious the powerful mind- it can be termed as the most powerful part of a human that enables us to exceed ourselves as it is beyond our regular mind that stops us.

(15) Controllable- many say that subconscious mind is the force that controls us, but one can control it by proper meditation and self-discovery.

(16) Hidden fact- subconscious is the factor that helps to know a person in real.

Subconscious Definition Different Explanations

(17) Unforgettable- all that is in our subconscious can’t be forgotten and no conscious effort can give respite from it.

(18) New dimensions- Subconscious are a factor or power that help a person to add new dimensions to the personality and it all happens unknowingly.

(19) Unnoticed- it is a factor that can be identified from outside. Without proper knowledge one can’t make out the progress of subconscious in a person.

(20) Controls mental health- the subconscious mind controls our mental health. Any fall in our mental stability is the result of the subconscious mind.