Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss: 20 Step By Step

When you want to make use of self-hypnosis for weight loss then you will want to realize that it is a commitment of your time. Since you are over-weight and want to lose some of that weight, you will want to make sure that you do the necessary work in the correct way. In this article, we will discuss few methods, which can help you achieve your goal of losing weight.

(1) Choose a peaceful environment

Before you begin you will want to choose a peaceful environment. That is extremely important. It can be anywhere you feel comfortable to meditate and fall into a trance. The idea is to not get disturbed easily.

(2) The area must be ventilated

peaceful environment

The area where you want to meditate should be ventilated. When you want to do it in your basement, make sure that the area is well ventilated and airy. You do not want to feel suffocated when doing your meditation.

(3) Stay cool and calm

You need to stay cool and composed. Dress in comfortable clothing and practice body moments like moving your arms around and then bending forward.

(4) Use relaxing music

listen music

Remove all the fears that you have inside your mind and then play some soothing music.

(5) Sit in a comfortable position

When you are ready for starting the self-hypnosis you need to put yourself in a comfortable position. It is better to be seated as you will avoid falling asleep. Close your eyes and then get into the meditation. You will want to release all the muscles and take deep breaths. It is alright to imagine that you are sitting in a beautiful landscape.

(6) Wear comfortable clothing

You must ensure that you wear comfortable clothes. Avoid wearing something tight and hot. Cotton pants and lose fitting t-shirt is good.

(7) Interact with subconscious mind

Interact with subconscious mind

You need to be able to interact with subconscious mind to be able to achieve the goals. Unless you are in a fully relaxed mind, you cannot get what you want. This is when you will want to keep repeating statements like you can overcome your fear of losing weight and others. Tell them to yourself inside your mind and not loudly.

(8) Slowly change from the trance state

You can slowly retract from the trance state once you have finished your statements and can concentrate on the breathing. Once you have come out of the trance, you will want to then open your eyes.

(9) Check the success of the session

You can find yourself sleeping during sessions. This happens when you try something new like self-hypnosis. You will want to change your position where you will not sleep. When you are finding it hard to concentrate, then see the cause for distraction.

(10) Make it a habit

You will need to practice few times a week. When you want to see some changes in your body and lifestyle, you will need to be determined and practice regularly.

(11) Use small plates

small plates with food

Using small plates make the food appear more. When you do that, you think that you are eating more food and hence consume less food.

(12) Eat slow

It is vital that you eat slowly. When you eat slowly, you realize the importance of chewing food. Eating slowly helps you digest food as you make them into small particles. It also helps you enjoy your food. You also get the taste of the food you are eating.

(13) Don’t watch TV or chat with people

Avoid watching television or talking to somebody as it disturbs your habit.

(14) Have realistic goals

It is best to have realistic goals rather than unwanted goals which you may not be able to achieve. When you cannot achieve them, you become depressed and angry with yourself. That makes you give up on your exercising. Then you are back to square one.

(15) Avoid salt intake

lose weight food

You will want to avoid salt intake. It is best to avoid too much salt in your meals. Of course you need to use salt in your preparation, but too much of it can cause blood pressure and other health ailments.

(16) Get rid of negative people around you

You will want to get rid of negative people around you because negativity can cause serious issues. As it is you want to lose weight and when you got no encouragement or positivity around, then it can become very easy to give in to your efforts.

(17) Be happy at all times

The idea is to remain persistent in your efforts and it can get very difficult with all the negativity around.

(18) Remain patient

It is important that you stay patient in your efforts. It might not work the way you want during the first few times. However, that does not mean it will never work. You need to remain patient as the results will not take a day or two to show up.

(19) Got to be persistent

It requires time and that means remaining patient for even a month to notice even slight change in your body.

(20) Use it

Once you have achieved your goals, keep using it.


Regular self-hypnosis can help you get control on your thoughts and body movements.