Hypnosis to Quit Smoking: 20 Step By Step

Smoking kills! It is as simple as that. Unless you want to die early, you will want to leave the bad habit and implement good habits in your life. There are many ways to give up smoking. Few of them are using e-cigarettes, using nicotine gums, getting counselling. Whatever the method, you will want to know that developing hypnosis can help you quit smoking.

Hypnosis is a technique where you use your own brain to help you quit this bad habit. The best part about this method is that you are not spending any money or tools. It is just you and the hypnosis technique. You need to be able to control your desires of your brain to be able to quit smoking. The results can be very good.

(1) Choose a calm environment

calm environment

You will want to choose a calm environment where you can meditate and go into a trance. If your area is noisy, then it might not work. You will need to join a class where you will have sessions.

(2) Wear comfortable clothing

comfortable clothing

It is important that you wear comfortable clothing when using this method to quit smoking. Unless you are wearing lose fitting clothing, you cannot focus and concentrate.

(3) Use some relaxing music

relaxing music

It is good to use some relaxing music and get rid of your worries. You need to only concentrate on your trance where you see yourself as a non-smoker. Music can help you cross all boundaries.

(4) Repeat it

It is important once you have been able to perform the hypnosis successfully, you must repeat it at least weekly twice.

(5) Choose the right area

Choosing the right area means being able to focus on what you want to. Sometimes you will find yourself getting into focus inside your bedroom or bathroom. These are the areas where you are alone which lets your mind to go farther.

(6) The area has to be ventilated

The area where you want to perform your meditation has to be ventilated. Unless it is ventilated you cannot achieve what you want. You will be in a trance for few hours. When the area is not airy, you will tend to break-up.

(7) Take help from your partner

You can take help from your partner to help you meditate and quit your smoking. This phase is really important for partners to be able to encourage you to develop good habits to quit this dirty habit.

(8) Start a new lifestyle

Once you have visualized yourself as a non-smoker, then it is essential that you do the same in your real life. Determination is the key to your success. Unless you have some will power you cannot move on to the next step.

(9) Be cheerful

Be cheerful

Being cheerful during this phase is very crucial for you. When you are not cheerful, then you will find it hard to concentrate on your trance when meditation. Unnecessary thoughts will bother you. Then how will you be able to meditate.

(10) Avoid stress

Avoid stress at all times. Perhaps you are going through a very difficult phase in your life, a broken marriage or work stress, then better to avoid them. They are not going to help your cause here.

(11) Read good books

Read good books

You will want to read good books that can help you remain positive and cheerful. There are many motivational books, which can be downloaded from the Internet for free. These books also tell you how to develop your concentration.

(12) Think about something not to distracted

When meditating it is vital that you can keep thinking about something till you can. If you are getting disturbed then try something new.

(13) Eat good food

Eat good food

When quitting smoking, you will find that your taste would have improved, thanks to no tar. This helps you to feel what you are eating. Having fruits and vegetables is a great idea.

(14) Think good

Do you realize that when you quit smoking, you are not affecting your family? Think about it and give up soon.

(15) Exercising is good

Though hypnosis is good, exercising along with it is better. As you exercise you are removing the harmful toxins from your body.

(16) Improve your concentration

Thinking man

Do what is takes to improve your concentration. There are many ways you can. Implement the way you feel comfortable to increase the success.

(17) Remain patient

You need to remain patient in your efforts. Sometimes it takes more than what you actually think. It can take a little more than that.

(18) Avoid people who smoke

Avoid people who smoke

It is vital that you avoid people who smoke. If you keep them in your company, then you are most likely going to start smoking again.

(19) Think positive

It is vital that you think positive when you want to stop your smoking. Having bad thoughts in your mind can cause you to feel sorry for yourself and breakdown. So, be positive here.

(20) Stay away from bad habits

Apart from smoking, you need to be ready to adopt new lifestyle like getting up early, no drinking, eating good foods, etc. Keep away from the bad habits, which can otherwise ruin your health.

Are you ready to start a new life and a healthier lifestyle?