Deep Sleep Hypnosis: 6 Free Ways

If you are feeling insomniac for some days or having troubled sleep, that could be caused due to many reasons. Starting from an imperfect diet to mental stress, many things can bring about sleeping disorders. The good news is that you can now get deep sleep by using various ways of self hypnosis that will not only cost even a single penny, but will also guarantee a long, deep and refreshing sleeping session for you.

(1) Tense and relax muscles

Tense and relax muscles

As you lie down to sleep, tense every part of the body while breathing in and relax while you breathe out. You should be starting with the toes and gradually move upwards, trying as many muscles as you can. During this activity, you should be putting your palms by your side face up. By doing this, you are releasing all tension of the body and helping your mind to relax into a deep sleep.

(2) Reverse countdown technique

Reverse countdown to sleep

Start counting backwards from 100. Close your eyes and think of moving into an elevator and as you count the next decreasing number, imagine that the elevator has gone down by one floor. Keep your body in complete relaxation while you carry out this activity. By the time you would be reaching the count of 0, you would have landed into the world of deep sleep.

(3) Create the environment

sleep in the dark

A very important way of hypnosis for deep sleep is by creating the right environment for sleeping. Melatonin, the natural sleep hormone gets produced in the body in the dark; hence it is very much important that you make the room dark by turning off any bright lights. While you lie in the dark, do not allow yourself to get distracted by TV or computer or mobile phones.

(4) Try music therapy

music therapy to sleep

Listening to soft and soothing music while you retire on the bed is a nice way of self hypnosis for deep sleep. There are many specialized sleep meditation music that are available and can be played at night. This type of music is particularly arranged to calm out the mind and bring mental peace so that the individual can sleep well and deep.

(5) Don’t forget loose sleep clothing

loose sleep clothing

Clothing that is sleep friendly is always a great way to invite in a nice sleep. You must not wear tight clothing while you are going to bed. Loose clothing which allows a nice blood circulation is a great way to help the body muscles relax.

(6) Remembering names of flowers

Remembering names of flowers

A simple and effective way to sleep hypnosis is by counting names of flowers. You may remember the names of all common flowers you know and lightly counting them. This should not be done with too much concentration, but with fun, so that your mind gets relaxed and distracted from the daily chores. This will help you slowly get into a peaceful state of mind, and gradually sleep. Next day you won’t remember which the last flower name you counted was.

These are the top 6 ways to sleep hypnosis, which will help you get a great night sleep. Even if you have insomnia for years, you can get great help by following some or all of the above methods.