6 Steps of Self Hypnosis to Lose Weight in 15 Minutes per Day

The most effective way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more. Exercise aside, eating less is enough to make many people struggle. However, if you are already overweight, you should refrain from the temptation of food. Junk food, in particular, is the number one thing that can throw your body out of balance. If you feel like you can’t control your cravings, these six hypnotic weight loss steps will help you achieve great results.

Step 1: Choose a quiet, comfortable environment where you won’t be disturbed and start self-hypnosis.

Step 2: Let your body relax. You can start by adjusting your breathing. Imagine bringing the freshest oxygen into your body with each breath and pushing the stale air out of your body.

Step 3: Visualize yourself in a favorite, relaxing place. Such as the sea, mountains, and grasslands. Let yourself relax completely.

Step 4: Tell yourself the following information : I have been badly affected by junk food. This junk food has done me a lot of harm. It has made me fat, unhealthy, ugly and overweight. I can’t stand it anymore. It’s all about sweet and greasy food. I already feel the nausea brought by the greasy food, when I see the greasy food, I will feel sick, I can’t swallow it, even don’t want to touch it. I’m really fed up with greasy food!

Step 5:  After you hypnotize yourself about foods you hate, you also need to receive cues about foods you like. For example, I like to eat low-calorie food, such as fruits and vegetables. They not only taste good, but also can supplement a lot of vitamins. I like eating foods that are high in fiber because they help me feel full without putting extra strain on my body. I like eating high protein foods because they help my body to get rid of excess fat, and they taste great. This diet makes my body slimmer, healthier and more beautiful.

Step 6:  Wake up from hypnosis and say to yourself: I should take a deep breath now, this breath will let me bring the most beautiful air into my body, with the breath completed, I have completely abandoned the junk food, I will be thinner and healthier.

Above six basic steps are the method of self-hypnosis to lose weight. These steps need to be taken every day. If you really want to have a great body, you can try this natural hypnotherapy. As long as you stick to it for a period of time, you will definitely be able to make your life more regular, your diet more reasonable, and your body will naturally get better and better.