5 Ways Of How to Hypnotize Someone without Them Knowing

There is a charm in getting control over someone else and make them do what you want. It’s not that you try out such thing for something sinister, but you may do so for their well-being too! Under many situations you may have to hypnotize someone without letting them know that you are doing so. There are different ways that will help you do so and some of them are discussed here.

Before you try any of these you must build some rapport with them otherwise it will be a bit difficult. Let’s check out the different methods.

Covert Hypnosis

Covert Hypnosis

Covert hypnosis or conversational hypnosis is one of the most common method of taking control over others mind. However, you must remember that while you hypnotize someone you are not taking control over them, but you control their thoughts. You make them believe something that you tell them to be their own thought. For doing covert hypnosis successfully you need to ensure two things.

First the subject must respond to your suggestion and they must have focused attention. Once it is sure you can connect yourself with the unconscious mind of the subject. Then you will make suggestion and as the subject is completely engrossed in your words they will consider them as their thoughts.

Pattern Interrupt

Pattern Interrupt hypnosis

Although it will need practice, yet with this procedure you can hypnotize anyone without themselves having the knowledge about the hypnosis. Everybody is bound by some pattern and when there is any change in the patterns their conscious mind starts thinking over it, making their senses concentrating on that. In the mean time you can use hypnotic command for making them come under your influence. Like, instead of shaking hands if you suddenly put your palm on someone’s chest they will take 5 seconds to understand what is happening and hence, during this period you have to complete the hypnosis.

Hypnotic keywords

Hypnotic keywords

When you hypnotize someone you actually take control of the subconscious mind. Like while watching horror movies is there any danger for you? Naturally the answer is No, but you feel scared! While you use the word ‘imagine’ your subconscious mind takes control of your conscious mind. While following this procedure you make the person awake their subconscious mind and let them feel things that they imagine.

The Zeigarnik effect


The Zeigarnik effect explains that people tends to concentrate on those tasks that are not completed. They tend to forget about the completed tasks. Like, after you pay your monthly bills you forget about them until next month. Thus, for controlling someone else tell them a story that is incomplete. While their mind keeps on figuring out what will happen next, you can give your hypnotic commands.


Silva Mind Control Method

One way to hypnotize others is to take control over their subconscious mind. Through ambiguous phrases you let the conscious mind of the subject wondering about the meaning. Thus, you get the opportunity to connect with the subconscious mind directly.

These are just 5 ways through which you can hypnotize others without them knowing. However, you must remember that for any of these methods to be applied successfully you need practice before you start trying them out.

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