5 Ways of How to Hypnotize Someone Instantly

You may come across different situation when you have to hypnotize someone, instantly! You need to do so either the relive them for some unbearable pain or to make them believe something, or may be for something else. Whatever is the situation whenever you need to hypnotize someone instantly you need to ensure that the subjects have faith in you and they agree to rely on you completely! Else, it will become difficult to hypnotize them by controlling their subconscious mind.

Different ways to hypnotize someone instantly are

Way 1 : Hypnotic handshake induction

Hypnotic handshake induction

While you try this method of hypnotizing someone you must let the subject know that you are hypnotizing them. Through this method you hypnotize someone while handshaking with them. When you handshake your conscious mind is not alert and hence you just do it as per a custom. Now, suddenly if you change the way you handshake and take your hands in front of the face of the person, you will find that they are engrossing the hypnotic uttered by you.

Until and unless they know about this procedure you cannot be successful as when you are taking hands in front of them and telling hypnotic words they will get their conscious mind active, if they do not want to co-operate with you.

Way 2 : Covert hypnosis

Covert hypnosis

It is believed that it is a good technique to hypnotize someone without knowing them. However, it is good technique to hypnotize instantly too. When the subject is focused to what you say they will surely react to various things mentioned by you. They must have deep faith in what you say and thus, by telling them imaginary things you can take control over their subconscious mind.

In this technique remember that no one can be forced to do anything. They do things believing that it is their wish, their thought to do those things, something that you are telling them to do.

Way 3 : Using hypnotic words

Using hypnotic words

For hypnotizing someone taking control of subconscious mind is most important. Once you have taken control over the subconscious mind you can easily control it and make them believe. For this usage of hypnotic words is very important. You need to tell the subject what you want the subject to do. It must be delivered in such way that the subject believes that you are telling the same. Make sure that you have taken consent from the subject else in the mid-way the process of hypnotizing may be interrupted.

Way 4 : Hypnotic trance

Hypnotic trance

You can follow the age of method for hypnotizing instantly by asking them fall into sleep. For this you need to take permission from the subject. The subject will fall into the hypnotic trance willingly and then you may use your skills to let them do what you want.

Way 5 : Negative words

Your subconscious mind does not understand anything negative. Thus, by telling negative words to the subject you can actually make them realize those words that you want them to do. Like, if you get money from someone then you can tell them I don’t want the money. The subconscious mind will read this statement as money is wanted.