3 Steps of the Free Self Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

Self-hypnosis refers to the ability of humans to use self-awareness and imagery to self-strengthen, self-educate and self-heal through their mental resources. In fact, self-hypnosis has been widely used in real life, people have already used self-hypnosis suggestions, such as prayer, religious ceremony, the yoga art of India, the qigong art of China are different ways to carry out self-hypnosis. Self-hypnotic suggestion plays a very important role in human life, it can change human sensory consciousness, but also has the function of affecting human internal organs. In self-hypnosis, the first to have a piece of certain hypnotic knowledge, when understanding the relevant hypnotic knowledge, but also need to have a quiet environment and relaxed posture, so more conducive to enter the state of hypnosis. Next, I’m going to teach you how to get rid of the bad habit of smoking by self-hypnosis. Each of the following steps is very important, please be sure to follow my steps.

The first step of self-hypnosis to quit smoking: bedtime hypnosis

The first step is also known as “bedtime hypnosis”. Starting today, you should do this exercise every day before you go to sleep. Each night before you fall asleep, lie down in a comfortable position and repeat the cue I give you 20 times.

My cue to you is: “I think 25 cigarettes a day is too much!”

You have to follow every word of the cue, word for word, and you don’t have to say it aloud to yourself. For the first five times, move your lips as if to give yourself a cue. After that, you move one finger every time you say it.

Starting with the little finger on the right hand, shrink the little finger and say, “I think 25 cigarettes a day is too much!”

Then ring finger, middle finger, index finger, and thumb, repeat five times, and when you say the hint, you don’t need to move your lips again.

Continue counting with your left thumb and say: “I think 25 cigarettes a day is too much!” Next index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger. Say 10 times and repeat the whole thing, from the right little finger to the thumb, and then from the left thumb to the little finger, a total of 20 times.

You must repeat 20 times before falling asleep, and never allow yourself to fall asleep until you have finished 20 times. When you repeat this 20 times, you will sleep peacefully. And when you’re asleep, what you say goes deep into your subconscious. They are embedded in your subconscious and become a powerful force in your mind that you will use to help yourself. You must do this homework every night for the next seven days. You must not allow yourself to fall asleep before you finish it.

The second step of self-hypnosis to quit smoking: The induced

1. Continue with the bedtime hypnosis you learned last week. This time I need to reinforce my message to you: “I think 15 cigarettes a day is too much!”

2. Increase the number of self-hypnosis sessions at least twice a day, with another session optionally in the morning or afternoon. In self-hypnosis for a few minutes, start counting your fingers as in step 1 and say, “I think 15 cigarettes a day is too much!”. Then wake yourself up.

3. To wake yourself up, simply count from 1 to 3, and you’ll be wide awake, refreshed, clear-headed, and energized to continue your work.

5. Do this twice a day for seven days and the suggestion to quit smoking will enter deeper into your subconscious mind.

The third step of self-hypnosis to quit smoking: Suggestion card

1. After you have completed self-hypnosis in step 1 and Step 2 of each week, you can begin self-hypnosis in Step 3.

2. In this step, you must prepare a small card or blank business card. The card must be easy to carry with you at all times. Write your advice to yourself on the card, such as: “I think smoking five cigarettes a day is too much!”. Your advice should be positive, simple, credible, measurable, and can be rewarding.

3. Again, sit comfortably and choose any point in front of you slightly above eye level. Hold the card in front of your chosen spot and read your suggestion three times. Put down the card and breathe deeply. Inhale a second time and exhale. Third inhale – Hold your breath, close your eyes and count from three to one. Exhale, relax completely, and go into hypnosis.

4. Allow your suggestion to repeat itself in your subconscious mind while visualizing yourself fulfilling your suggestion. You will find that when you repeat your advice, the whole sentence falls apart, which means you are in a deep hypnotic state, which is a good sign. Suggestions still work their way into your subconscious. After 2-3 minutes, you feel like you should stop. Count 1.2.3. Open your eyes and feel relaxed and energetic. Continue self-hypnosis for about two weeks and you will benefit from your advice.

This is a simple and effective self-hypnosis that can be applied to every area of your life if you master it. For example, your heart beats faster when you have to go on stage to give a presentation. You can start by telling yourself in your heart, “I will slowly count from one to twenty. Each time I count, I will be more relaxed, and when I count to twenty, I will be calm, clear, and confident. When I give a presentation on stage, I will speak clearly and fluently, and I will finish it smoothly!”

When you have reached this point, you have reached an intermediate course in self-hypnosis. You can continue to learn further self-hypnosis techniques and become good friends and partners with your subconscious mind.