3 Important Tips for Free Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss

“The cues for weight loss hypnosis are gentle and positive, and the cues are about confidence, living, eating and developing a healthy lifestyle.” Obese people can be hypnotized to lose weight, reduce their cravings for junk food, and increase their willingness to exercise.

If you are not satisfied with your weight, you should give yourself a hypnotic guide: I think I’m going to lose ten kilograms so I’ll look better. You can imagine yourself getting slimmer during self-hypnosis. And realize how good it feels to lose weight. Imagine the more convenience and good feeling you can get when you have the ideal body.” Setting specific goals and embedding them into your subconscious mind through hypnosis is important for weight loss. When a new, slimmer self-image is re-established, the old one is replaced and the body naturally adjusts to the new one.

In self-hypnotic weight-loss sessions, some clients say, “I can’t imagine what I’ll look like when I’m thin.” This is the most common scenario. They can only see themselves fat. This is because the human nervous system is goal-oriented, and as soon as an idea enters the mind, the body and nervous system begin to create a chain reaction corresponding to that idea. Therefore, it is important to have a clear goal in mind when hypnotizing weight loss. People often say “I want to lose 30 kilograms” when setting weight loss goals, but there are several problems with this statement:

First, it means I’m going to “lose the fat,” which means not to gain more weight. This kind of expression is a negative expression, and the subconscious mind does not accept negative expression, so this kind of suggestion is difficult to achieve the goal of weight loss. To communicate subconsciously, use positive statements, such as: “I want to be thinner and reach my goal of 70 kilograms.” At the same time, the goal should be clear.

Second, the subconscious doesn’t like “loss”. Your subconscious will try all kinds of ways to avoid “loss”, such as a pair of shoes you bought several years ago. They don’t look good, you don’t like them, but you keep them and you don’t want to throw them away. Some people always eat leftovers first because they are afraid to throw them away. This is because of the subconscious fear of loss. So don’t use the words “lose weight” in your cue. Use “fit” or “slim” instead.

Third, ask yourself: “How would your life change if you were thinner?” Imagine how your life would change if you lost weight, and know how you would feel internally. Continue to give hints to the subconscious mind during self-hypnosis until a firm belief is formed. So that weight loss becomes a lasting change.

Almost all obesity is associated with negative emotions and bad lifestyle habits. Hypnosis is to change one’s subconscious mind to develop a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet, proper exercise and a good mental attitude. On the other hand, it can effectively consume excess fat through exercise and subconscious power. Not only can you lose weight easily, but also develop an optimistic, confident and happy attitude towards life.