20 Steps of the Relaxation hypnosis script : Get Deep Relaxation in 10 Minutes

If your job is one of chronic stress, then you should learn how to use self-hypnosis to achieve a state of deep relaxation. It’s easy, and you can do it in less than 10 minutes. Now follow me through the steps below:

Now please adjust your body into a most comfortable state. Next, put all other thoughts out of your mind and focus entirely on the sound of my voice. Follow my lead. If your eyes are closed, open them first. Close your eyes later when I ask you to. What you need to do next is very simple. Imagine what I want you to imagine, feel what I want you to feel. If you keep doing this with me, I will take you into a world of extreme relaxation.

Now you are safe and comfortable. Take a deep breath. Hold for two seconds and exhale. Give yourself another deep breath, inhale. Hold for two seconds and exhale. Then slowly close your eyes. Your eyes will stay closed until I tell you to open them.

Now you can feel your body relaxing. Imagine the feeling of relaxation, like a warm current, flowing from the soles of your feet all the way through your body. Where it flows, that muscle relaxes. Next, I’m going to count from 5 to 1. You get more relaxed with every number I count. By the time I count to one, your whole body will be completely relaxed.

5. Now that your feet are relaxed, feel your feet, lazy and limp. Let the feeling of relaxation begin to flow up through the soles of your feet, the tops of your feet, to each toe, and you can feel your entire foot completely relaxed. When you feel your feet on the ground, or on the bed, when you hear my voice, your feet will be more relaxed. The warm stream continues up, up to your ankles, and up through all the big and small muscles in your calves. Relax your calves. The feeling of relaxation continues into the knee, now from your knee into the thigh, and try to relax all the muscles, all the cells in the thigh. You can hear all the sounds around you, but your attention is completely focused on the sound of my voice. Now you can feel the whole leg and foot completely relaxed.

4. Allow this relaxation to work from your thighs up to your hips and into your abdomen. Feel the rise and fall of your abdomen, and with each exhalation you allow your body to enter deeper and deeper relaxation. Go with the flow and relax more and more. Try to feel every breath you take. Feel the air coming in through your nose and filling your chest all the way through and feel the breath. With each breath you relax more and more.

3. Let the feeling of relaxation flow to all the muscles in your back, let all the muscles in your back relax, lazy, flabby. Whether you’re lying down or sitting down, you can feel like a fluffy teddy bear, with no energy left to relax. All the muscles in your back are completely relaxed, allowing the relaxation to continue up into your shoulders. Your whole shoulders become very warm and relaxed. Relax the muscles on the shoulder, and slowly feel every muscle and cell on the shoulder, completely relax with the warm flow. The warmth flows to your arms, and both arms relax completely. Relax our big arm, relax our forearm, all the way down to every finger, thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger, the whole palm, the whole arm, all the muscles are completely relaxed.

2. Allow the feeling of relaxation to flow up to every muscle in your neck. You can feel all the muscles in your neck lazy and flabby, completely relaxing every muscle in your neck. As the warm flow continues to move upward, feel it enter your face. Relax the muscles around the corners of your eyes, relax your eyelids, and you can feel the muscles relax all over your cheeks. Then relax the muscles of the mouth. If your teeth are clenched together, relax them. More comfortable, more relaxed. You did a great job! By the time I get to the next number, every muscle, every cell in your body will be completely relaxed.

1. Completely relax. You’re doing a great job.

But that’s not the end of the healing process, and I’m going to help you deepen that relaxation. Because there is no limit to relaxation, you will be even more relaxed than you are now.

Next, I’m going to count from 10 to 1. Every time I say a number, you relax more, and your mind starts to relax, as if all the other thoughts are flying away. The brain relaxes completely like a calm lake. When I count to one, let your whole body, including your brain, begin to relax twice as much as it does now.

10. Start to relax twice as much.

9. Twice as much relaxation.

8. Each number I count makes you more relaxed.

7. Be more relaxed.

6. As I count, you relax more and more.

5. twice as relaxed, very comfortable.

4. more and more relaxed, more and more deeply relaxed.

3. as if the ultimate relaxation.

2. almost twice as relaxed. By the time I get to the next number, you’ll be twice as relaxed as before.

1. Total relaxation: Every nerve, every skin inch, every cell goes into double relaxation, deeper and deeper relaxation. Feel your breath, and with each breath, it will take you deeper and deeper into relaxation. You can hear all the sounds around you, but they don’t bother you, and your attention is completely focused on the sound of my voice.

For the next five seconds, I won’t talk. Feel your breath for yourself.

You are now in a state of deep hypnotic relaxation. From this moment on, everything is gone. Your body and mind are completely relaxed. Everything that was stressful for you will be blown away and you will be very relaxed, very relaxed and very happy.

Next, you listen to this audio every time. When you hear me ask you to close your eyes, you will feel as relaxed as you are right now. Each time you get into a deeper and faster state of hypnotic relaxation.

I’m going to count from one to five, and when I get to five, you’ll wake up.

1. Each subsequent hypnosis will make you progress faster and deeper.

2,3, you can feel every muscle in your body, every cell, starting to glow.

4. You can feel your eyes as if they were washed by a fresh mountain spring. When I say the next number, you will open your eyes with the relaxed, happy feeling you have now.

5. Open your eyes.

If you use hypnotic music with the hypnotic treatment above the effect will be more ideal. That’s the steps for Relaxation hypnosis. I hope it was helpful and thank you for reading.