10 Important Basics about Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Quantum healing hypnosis therapy (QHHT) was founded by Dolores Cannon, author of 《The Convoluted Universe》 and 《The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth》. Dolores Cannon’s quantum hypnosis uses imagination to induce a person into a trance state (also called “sleepwalking”, not really sleepwalking, but a hypnotic state).  In fact, this kind of trance state, everyone experiences every day. For example, the moment when you are about to fall asleep or when you are about to wake up in the morning, which is similar to the moment of the trance state. In the history of hypnosis, hypnotists have tried to avoid putting a patient into such a state because there are often strange and unexplained things going on in this state.

But Dolores Cannon broke through this routine. Through her research and exploration of the sleepwalking state, she found that patients can obtain all past life experiences in this state. Dolores Cannon’s experience and the experience of quantum hypnotherapy practitioners have fully demonstrated that we have all lived through several past lives and that each of us has our own subconscious mind, which holds the answers and questions of this life. Here are 10 important basics to know about the quantum healing hypnosis technique:

1. Am I suitable for quantum hypnosis?

As long as you are a normal person over the age of 16 and do not have major mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, severe depression, etc., then you are suitable to experience. If you are troubled by some psychological problems or encounter unsolvable difficulties in life, then you need a quantum hypnosis to help you solve them. Quantum hypnosis can solve any of your problems as long as you are firm and trusting in it.

2. What is the difference between quantum hypnosis and traditional hypnosis?

There are two main differences, one is the depth of hypnosis, and the other is the positioning of hypnosis.

(1) Differences in the depth of hypnosis: Traditional hypnosis and most past-life retrospective hypnosis are shallower hypnosis under Alpha brainwaves. Quantum hypnosis is a deep self-exploration process under the guidance of a hypnotist who guides patients to the Theta brainwave state (also called sleepwalking state). Theta brainwave is a deeper hypnotic state.

(2) Differences in hypnotic positioning: Unlike most hypnotherapy, Dolores Cannon gave quantum hypnotists a very clear but distinctive positioning from the beginning: not a healer, but a facilitator. The hypnotist acts as a neutral guide to help clients explore clues in the depths of their consciousness until they connect to their higher-dimensional subconscious.

3. What does quantum hypnosis feel like?

It’s like being hypnotized in bed, it’s a very relaxing, very peaceful, very comfortable, and enjoyable process. It is like a comfortable sleep and a good dream. When you wake up, you will be energetic and in a good mood. It is a very wonderful experience.

4. Quantum hypnosis is to let a person sleep?

The answer is negative. The hypnotic state of quantum hypnosis is neither awake nor asleep, but a state of being half-dream and half-awake. In fact, this state is very familiar to us and we experience it every day. It is the moment when we are about to fall asleep at night, but none of us can remember that state. It is very short, but quantum hypnosis keeps us in that state for a long time.

5. What is the process of doing quantum hypnosis? How much time is required?

Quantum hypnosis is a type of past-life regression therapy. We have been reincarnated in the universe for generations, and wounds that have not been healed in previous lives will appear in this life in various ways. Recalling past lives through quantum hypnosis can release the trauma of previous lives and heal the pain of the soul.

The specific process is divided into two parts: interview and hypnosis. Generally speaking, the interview will take about two or three hours, and the hypnosis will take two hours. Generally, the whole process will take at least four or five hours.

6. Is quantum hypnosis safe? Will you lose your sense of autonomy?

Quantum hypnosis is a very mature technology, it is very safe and there will be no danger! During hypnosis, most patients are conscious, neither comatose nor under the control of the hypnotist. The patient needs to use their consciousness to explore all the information, and the hypnotist is only responsible for guiding. As long as you don’t want to accept, experience, or do something, no one can control you, not even an advanced hypnotist.

7. Is quantum hypnosis guaranteed to get me better?

Anyone can benefit from quantum hypnosis. But like all other forms of treatment (including medical treatment), a hypnotist cannot give guarantees because the power of healing comes from yourself.

8. Can hypnosis interviews be ignored?

Hypnosis interviews should never be ignored. The interview is the most important part of hypnosis, even more important than the hypnosis process. Because the effect of hypnosis often does not depend on the level of the hypnotist, but on how open your heart is. The higher the level, the deeper the hypnosis, and the better the effect. Therefore, I hope you must maintain an honest and trusting attitude, and tell your truest emotions, your confusions, your stories, and even your secrets. The hypnotist will listen carefully and fully accept you throughout the whole process. There is no judgment of good and evil, no standard of right and wrong, no distinction between high and low, no difference between good and bad, just show the most authentic and primitive self!

9. Could hypnosis fail due to personal factors?

From a scientific point of view, everyone can be hypnotized, but the depth of hypnosis is different. All you need to do is stand firm, relax and trust as much as you can, and there will be no hypnosis failures.

10. Can quantum hypnosis be done remotely by phone or online?

Absolutely not. In the quantum hypnosis career guide, it is clearly stated that “for the safety of the individual case, any form of remote (telephone, Internet, video, etc.) hypnosis is prohibited.”

I always say that you can learn more about yourself through hypnosis, because if you can easily enter deep hypnosis, you can connect with your subconscious mind to explore the unknown self. But even if you suspect that you are not hypnotized, through this process, you can learn that you are someone who doesn’t relax easily and doesn’t trust your own voice or feelings. So, no matter what the process and outcome of hypnosis is, it has been a successful hypnosis for you. Because you’re starting to know who you really are!