Why the Past Life Regression Therapy is More Effective than Traditional Hypnotherapy?

Since ancient times, many hypnotherapists have stumbled upon some cases of seeing images of their Past lives under hypnosis, but they dare not mention it. Only one American psychiatrist, Brian L. Weiss, M.D., from Yale university, proposed this “Past Life Regression Therapy” for the first time.

During a routine hypnosis session with Dr. Weiss, a female patient, Kathleen, in a deep hypnosis state, said she saw an image that did not belong to the modern world. He tried to guide further, but it turned out to be a remnant of Kathleen’s past visual memory, her “past life image memory.” This is hard to believe for an orthodox psychiatrist and a Christian, because the psychiatric community does not believe in a past life. After the middle ages, most Christian schools only said that after death, people would either go to heaven or hell, and there was no concept of reincarnation. But Dr. Weiss continued to guide Kathleen and documented what she saw and heard in a book, “Many Lives, Many Masters,” published in the United States in 1990. This book is very popular in Asia, because Chinese people have the concept of reincarnation, which is not accepted or believed by all Asians, at least not rejected. This is the opposite of the Western world. This book is not well sold and has been attacked by the psychiatric community. Although in the Christian Bible, there is also a metaphorical record of Jesus’ reincarnation of “Elijah”, and in ancient Europe, some sects in the Christian Church also promoted the concept of reincarnation.

It was only after the Middle Ages and Europe that the “unbelievable reincarnation” group won, and these records were deleted. From then on, the truth is a mystery. Another way of saying this is that after the end of the medieval papal battle, the new pope who “does not believe in reincarnation” took office. In order to consolidate the power core of the unity of politics and religion, he actively suppressed the sects who believed in reincarnation, not only regarded it as paganism, but also deleted the Bible which had record of reincarnation. Finally, make the new bible a tool to educate the public not to believe in reincarnation. So the new pope succeeded. The new version of the Bible was passed down, and the Western world Christians were thoroughly brainwashed thousands of years later. Most Western Christians today do not believe that people will reincarnate, even if “Elijah” is no exception.

But “the truth is the truth, whether you believe it or not, for example, Dr. Ian Stevenson, head of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, is both a psychiatrist and a psychologist; in his book In Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation and Children’s Who Remember Previous Lives, there are many possible “evidences” about reincarnation, but he insists that he only provides evidence, and does not recognize that he has proved the reincarnation, so even the title only use “suspected cases of reincarnation.” This is similar to Dr. Roger Woolger, an English psychotherapist, who said, “it doesn’t matter if you believe in reincarnation as long as it’s effective treatment. Although I’m only interested in the psychological truth of past memories, as a therapist I’d rather think of the source of these memories as having come from a previous life.” Dr. Brian Weiss used the “Past Life Regression Therapy” to solve the problem of “hypnosis treatment persistence” that predecessors (such as Freud and Milton Erickson) could not reasonably explain. Because traditional hypnosis therapy only deals with “this life”, that is, the problem from the time of birth to the treatment of these patients, and the memory of past life is treated as a subconscious projection or dream, which is only equivalent to “half cure.” Dr. Weiss emphasized that hypnotherapy should not only solve the life stage from birth to treatment, but also go back to the “previous memory” and eliminate the real reason for the subconscious mind in this life.  In this way, all psychosomatic problems can be cured to achieve the hypnotic treatment effect of the same disease that never recurs.

From the above “history of hypnotherapy”, we can know that the techniques, ideas, inheritance and effects of these hypnotic therapists and hypnosis masters may be different, but they all complement each other. After the complete understanding, there is not only a bonus effect, but even a multiplication. This makes it easier for psychotherapy hypnosis to achieve the “best therapeutic effect”, which is the goal of hypnotherapy.

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