Top 15 Subconscious Mind Power Facts

A subconscious mind completely controls all your consciousness, mentality as well as metabolism. Our subconscious mind power plays a major role when it comes to the matter of success. In fact, it is an undeniable fact and unfortunately, many people are aware as how to harness subconscious mind power. The subconscious mind is the major source of emotions and also a depository of memories.

Listed below are some of the facts of subconscious mind power-

(1) It keeps you awake and alert

One of the greatest power of subconscious mind power is when you fall asleep in front of TV gradually your subconscious mind power hears every minute thing being said.

(2) It has no time constraint

The subconscious mind power just knows about here and then. So, when you set up goals ensure that you achieve them.

(3) It considers everything literally

Whatever you see on TV or visualize through your dreams is quite real to your subconscious mind.

(4) Its sole purpose is to safeguard you the subconscious mind power keeps you completely safe and keep you aware you about the bad events which may happen in the near future.

(5) It doesn’t have verbal language

The subconscious mind power has the capability to store all the experiences and memories in images form and metaphors.

Subconscious Mind Power Facts

(6) It is unable to process a negative word

Since your subconscious mind doesn’t have any verbal language and only images are available to visualize your dreams.

(7) It has cognitive mind level

The subconscious mind power has the mental capacity of a young child of age 2 and 8. So, it means you are completely protected by a young child.

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