Top 10 Hypnotic Liquor Drinks with Recipes and Prices

With the change in times, hypnotic liquor has become a famous drink for the celebrities. Since, its release into the market, it has become one of the most staple products in many bars. The alcoholic level in hypnotic liquor is 17% and it is distilled three times during the process.

(1) Green Bean recipe

Green Bean Hypnotic Liquor Drinks

The required items are 1 oz of orange juice and 3 oz hypnotic liquor. Serve the blend of these two and then garnish it with vegetables of your choice. This drink costs you about $26 dollars.

(2) Green machine recipe

Green machine Hypnotic Liquor Drinks

5-6 oz mountain dew or any citrus soda and 1 oz of hypnotic liquor, Pour this mixture into a highball glass which is filled with the ice-cubes. Then fill it up with soda or mountain dew. Stir the mixture slowly and the drink will automatically turn into bright green. This bright green drink costs is $27 dollars.

(3) Hypnotic and 7 recipe

Hypnotic and 7 Hypnotic Liquor Drinks

A blend of 1 splash of soda or 7 up and 2 oz hypnotic liquor, stir the ingredients thoroughly and serve it in a highball glass at an expense of $ 28 dollars.

(4) Hypno fusion recipe

Hypno fusion Hypnotic Liquor Drinks

A blend of 1 splash of grenadine, 5 oz sprite or soda or 1 oz hypnotic liquor, fills your highball glass along with ice cubes. Then add hypnotic liquor and sprite. At last add a splash of grenadine, stir it well and serve at $ 30 dollars.

(5) Chucktown crunk juice recipe

Chucktown crunk juice Hypnotic Liquor Drinks

4 oz of hypnotic liquor and 8 oz red bull can or energy drink. Serve it in a tall glass without chilled at an expense of $30 dollars.

(6) Bloody passion #2 recipe

Bloody passion #2 Hypnotic Liquor Drinks

Thoroughly mix 2-3 oz of pineapple juice, 2 oz of hypnotic liquor and one dash of grenadine syrup. Pour the mixture into a tall glass either chilled or without chilled. Add some amount of pineapple juice and then it should be followed by splashes of grenadine. Stir it well and serve it at a cost of $ 25 dollars.

(7) H-Bomb #2 recipe

H-Bomb #2 Hypnotic Liquor Drinks

Make a blend of 3 oz of hypnotic liquor and 3 oz of Red Bull energy drink. Pour the content into a highball glass with ice cubes and half way filled with Red Bull, then fills the remaining half with hypnotic liquor and serve. This drink costs you about $26 dollars.

(8) Naughty monkey recipe

Naughty monkey Hypnotic Liquor Drinks

Combine 5 oz of either soda or 7 up or 1 ½ oz of hypnotic liquor and serve it in a highball glass and serve it chilled at a cost of $25 dollars.

(9) Hypnotic pussy recipe

Hypnotic pussy Hypnotic Liquor Drinks

Thoroughly mix 2 oz of hypnotic liquor and 2 oz of sour raspberry liquor and shake the ingredients thoroughly using a cocktail shaker and strain into a glass and serve it chilled. This sour raspberry liquor is available at $28 dollars.

(10) Jimmy’s Jet plane recipe

Jimmy’s Jet plane Hypnotic Liquor Drinks

Required ingredients are ¼ oz of lime juice, 2 oz of pineapple juice, ½ melon liquor and apple liquor and 1 oz of hypnotic liquor. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients and strain it into a tall glass filled with ice. Then garnish it with an airplane shaped candy and a lemon wheel. This is a perfect candy, which comes in various colors at $ 27 dollars.


These are some of the most popular hypnotic liquor drinks in the world, which has attracted numbers of people to follow the dink trend.