Take 5 Minutes to Learn How to Hypnosis for Self Confidence and Get Rid of Low Self-Esteem

In this lesson, I’m going to teach you a particularly helpful “self-hypnosis” technique to help you become a better person. I’m going to start the course by talking about what self-hypnosis is. Speaking of hypnosis, a lot of people will think that hypnosis is to let people sleep, in the case of losing consciousness, can do anything. Actually, this is a misunderstanding of hypnosis.

First of all, hypnosis is not about putting people to sleep. In hypnosis, most of the time, the eyes are closed, but this is just to reduce visual interference and allow you to focus more on the hypnotist’s voice. During hypnosis, you will be very relaxed, but you will always be awake, you will hear the hypnotist, other voices, and you can always ask questions or talk. So hypnosis is the process of working with the client while the eyes are closed and the client is awake.

Secondly, the idea of hypnosis is to get your prefrontal cortex and your subconscious mind to come to the same point of view through the hypnotist’s communication, so that they don’t fight each other anymore, but form a united front. This will reduce internal conflict, heal the self, and increase action. So we use hypnosis to reduce procrastination. And self-hypnosis, it is oneself can operate to oneself hypnotic method, very simple and practical.

Now, I’m going to take you with me, through hypnosis, to find your perfect self. Are you ready? Okay, for the rest of this, I need you to listen in a quiet, safe, undisturbed environment for about 10 minutes. What’s more, I hope that you will listen to the following frequently and consistently, and you will be surprised to find that you are moving towards a positive self.

Please sit comfortably in a chair or lie flat on the bed. Cover yourself with a blanket and don’t get cold. Keeping your spine straight, keep your hands and feet uncrossed and naturally on your thighs or at your sides.

I need you to take three deep, slow breaths.

Please sit comfortably in a chair or lie flat on the bed. Cover yourself with a blanket and don’t get cold. Keeping your spine straight, keep your hands and feet uncrossed and naturally on your thighs or at your sides.

I need you to take three deep, slow breaths. Here’s how to do it: Inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Slowly exhale to feel your breath. With each breath, your chest and abdominal cavity rise and fall naturally. Now, I’m going to count from three to one, and when I get to one, you’re going to close your eyes and continue to feel a deep breath. 321, you’re going to feel more relaxed.

In this relaxed state, imagine a warm yellowish light shining on the top of your head. It is so comfortable that the muscles in your head are completely relaxed. Now the feeling of relaxation flows to your forehead, the muscles in your forehead are completely relaxed, the muscles in your eyelids are completely relaxed.

All right, let that feeling of relief flow down your cheeks, and feel your left and right cheeks completely relaxed. Relax your lips. This feeling of relaxation spreads to your jaw, as all the muscles around the corners of your mouth loosen, and the teeth follow, opening your mouth slightly.

Now, let this feeling of relaxation flow down to your neck. All the muscles in the front, back, left and right side of your neck are relaxed, completely relaxed.

Let this feeling of relief spread over your shoulders and relax without all the burdens and stresses of everyday life.

Relax your back muscles and soften them thoroughly. Relax your chest. You feel comfortable and safe.

Now, relax both of your arms, your upper arms, your forearms, your wrists, each of your fingers, completely. This wonderful feeling relaxes into your thighs, your thighs, your knees, your calves. The feeling of relief extends to the soles of your feet, toes, all of it completely relaxed.

Now, from the top of your head all the way up to your toes, your whole body is completely relaxed and in a deeper hypnotic state.

In this relaxed state, I’m going to ask you to take a mental picture of yourself at your most perfect. Take a look. What would your perfect self look like? What kind of clothes are you wearing? What color? What is the style? Take a look at your hair and makeup. Is it natural and fresh or refined? Is the facial expression confident? Achievement? Or calm? What pose are you making in the picture? Where did you take this picture? What’s in the background? How old are you in this picture? What do you do? What are your achievements?

Or you can feel more detail about the photo, follow your subconscious mind and let it go, to fully experience this image of your perfect self.

When you’re done, I’m going to ask you to put this picture in a place in your heart, a place that only you know, a place that only you can find. It’s in you. It’s part of you. It’s what drives you. You will be on your way to becoming your perfect self.

From today on, you will take action to become your perfect self. You will do things that are good for your self-image. You will work on your self-image. Every day you get better than you did yesterday, and not only will you see a change in yourself, but those around you will feel it.

Now, please keep this picture in your heart and come back to it often. When you’re done, I’m going to wake you up. I would count from one to five, and with each number I counted, you would become more and more awake, more and more alert, and when I got to five, as soon as I woke up, you would open your eyes and be wide awake. When you open your eyes, the world will be bright and you will feel radiant, energetic, confident and powerful. All right, you need to get ready to wake up. Ok, 1, more and more awake, more and more alert, 2, more and more awake, 3 more and more awake, move your finger, 4 more and more awake, you’re about to wake up, take a deep breath, 5, wake up, fully awake, open your eyes and wake up.

Well, congratulations, today you had an intimate encounter with your subconscious mind, you had a conversation with your perfect self. Do it regularly, and if you do it consistently, you will find yourself getting better and better every day than you did yesterday, and not only will you see the change, but everyone around you will feel it.

Finally, let me sum up what confidence is.

Robert E. Alberti, an American psychologist, said: The core of self-confidence is actually to get along with others in a way that is comfortable for you, but also reasonable and appropriate for others.

To get along with each other harmoniously and happily, and to establish a comfortable intimate relationship with each other, I think it includes three levels:

Level 1: Believe in yourself, love yourself, and have the ability to please and make yourself comfortable.

Level 2: Trust others, see yourself and others equally, and have the ability to make them comfortable and happy.

Level 3: Express love and emotion sincerely and freely, and truly communicate with each other calmly and equally.

Confident people are able to get along well with people around them. Confidence can not be formed in a day or two. It requires firm beliefs and positive actions.