Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss : 6 Step By Step

If you still doubt hypnotism, or even think it’s a magic trick, let the facts prove it. In the UK, Emma Eveley Anderson, who used to weigh 86kg, managed to lose around 25kg of extra meat through a series of hypnotherapy sessions. Emma underwent a total of four hypnotic weight loss treatments. During hypnosis, Hemmings, the hypnotist, uses verbal cues to convince her that she is undergoing gastric weight loss surgery in the operating room. When Emma woke up from her hypnosis, she felt as if her stomach was “really about the size of a golf ball, so eating a little at a time made her feel full.” Next, with this tiny appetite, Emma managed to lose about 25 kilograms of extra meat in six months. Is it magic?

In fact, what Emma received was something of an extreme hypnotic suggestion. Not all hypnotic weight loss treatments are achieved by suggesting gastric weight loss surgery . In general, the weight loss hypnotic Suggestions are mild and positive. First, the hypnotist will ask you to sit or lie down in a comfortable position, then relax with sounds collected from nature, such as murmuring water, birds croaking frogs, etc. Step by step, you will enter a deeper hypnotic state, followed by positive commands. These instructions and suggestions are even not only about body shape and weight, but also about life attitude, eating habits and other aspects, prompting the hypnotized person to naturally develop a healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to losing weight, there is only one effective way: eat less and exercise more. Not just exercise, but eating less is enough to make many people struggle. However, if you are already overweight, you should avoid temptation. Some junk food, in particular, is the culprit that can throw your body out of balance. If you feel like you can’t control your appetite for food, the following six hypnotic weight loss steps will help you achieve good results.

Step 1 : Choose a quiet, comfortable, undisturbed environment and start self-hypnosis.

Step 2 : Let your whole body relax. You can start by adjusting your breathing, imagining that with each breath you bring the freshest oxygen into your body and expel the stale air and garbage out of your body.

Step 3 : Imagine yourself in a favorite, most relaxing place, such as the sea, mountains, grasslands. Let yourself relax completely.

Step 4 : Tell yourself the following message: my body has been seduced by junk food to become junk. Junk food has made me into many junk types, such as junk body shape, junk health, junk appearance and junk weight. I can’t stand it anymore. I can’t believe my body has become like this. It’s all about sweet food and greasy food. When I think of my stupid self, I feel the nausea that greasy food brings to me. When I see that food, I feel greasy and can’t swallow it at all. Even my hands don’t want to touch it. Every time I see it, every time I think about it, every time I smell it, every time I taste it I want to throw up, I really want to throw up. I’ve had enough!

Step 5 : After sending out the food information that you hate, you also need to receive the message you like, such as: I like to eat low-calorie food. I like fruits and vegetables. They not only taste good, but also provide a lot of vitamins, and I like eating foods rich in fiber. They make me feel full without putting an extra strain on my body. I like to eat foods that are high in protein because they help my body convert excess fat and they taste great. Eat them more and my body will be thinner, healthier and more beautiful.

Step 6 : Start to wake up and tell yourself: I should now take a deep breath that will bring the best air into my body. With the completion of my breathing, I have completely abandoned junk food, and I will become thinner and healthier.

Those are the six basic steps to losing weight through self-hypnosis. These steps need to insist everyday, believe hypnotic to reduce weight only from psychology action, and Persevere in order to achieve good hypnosis weight loss.

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