Quit Smoking Hypnosis : Process and Guidelines

Every smoker knows that smoking can lead to cancer or heart disease. But there is no way to give up smoking just by knowing this rationally. You can only quit smoking if you change something deep in your mind. How do you do that? Hypnosis can do that for you. The principle of hypnotic smoking cessation is to make the subconscious mind recognize the input information through hypnosis technology, so as to achieve the goal of quitting smoking. For example, our conscious state knows that smoking is bad for us, but the most direct reason why we can’t quit smoking is that our subconscious doesn’t know that smoking is bad for us, because this information is filtered out by our conscious mind, why is it filtered out? Because our subconscious mind has the same cognition as when we smoked (young people smoke because they see the hero in the movie smoking is cool and handsome, such a subliminal message will dominate your subconscious mind). The following are the process and guidelines for smoking cessation under hypnosis:  Smoking cessation treatment – at least 4 hypnotic interviews are required

The first interview begins with a patient’s inquiry phone call. Tell the patient how long the treatment will take and how much each session will cost. If the patient decides to receive treatment, he is told to buy a different brand of cigarettes from the next day. Tell him to take two cigarettes and throw them away as soon as he opens them, and repeat this every day until the day of the interview. This case has made up his mind to quit smoking and has taken the first step.

First interview

1. Conduct a complete interview and collect information, including history of smoking, how long, how much, family relationships, diseases, emotional problems, sleep, anxiety, depression, and previous hypnosis? In what way? What was the result? Find out what’s going on? There are usually other factors behind a heavy smoker.

2. Perform sensitivity tests on the patient.

3. Give the patient an especially long progressive relaxation induction.

4. Ask the patient to imagine being in a beautiful place with family and friends. Ask the patient to tell them that his “no smoking day” made his family happy. Ask the patient, “Do you know anything that would prevent you from becoming a non-smoker on Quit Day? Are you determined to become a non-smoker on Quit Day? If the answer is no, ask why.

5 discuss quitting agreement: teach the patient the first step of self-hypnosis, using the suggestion “I find that smoking 2 cigarettes a day (Case-by-case adjustment) is enough for me, I feel good.” Patients are solemnly told, “From now on, make a plan to quit smoking every day, but you will find it easier to achieve this goal each day.”

Second interview

1. Review the patient’s smoking history in the previous week and praise them for good behavior.

2. Do a short hypnotic induction.

3. Ask the patient to throw away 10 cigarettes each morning and say, “This is my daily quota. I find that smoking 10 cigarettes a day is enough.” And plan daily smoking and continue to record.

4. Teach client the second step of self-hypnosis.

Third interview

1. Review the patient’s smoking history during the previous week.

2. Brief hypnosis: Save 5 cigarettes every morning, throw the rest away and say, “I find that smoking 5 cigarettes a day is enough for me.”

3. Teach step 3 self hypnosis and use the same cues. Tell patients this means they must smoke five cigarettes a day, no more, no less. In this way, they have become self-controlled.

4. The journey of imagination.

Fourth interview

1. Review client’s smoking in the last week.

2. Brief hypnotic induction: Implying that “I am in complete control of all my habits” and that “there is no reason to smoke any more, even in any” crisis situation.”

3. Elevator ride

First room: “Smoking room”, full of smoke, cough, leave immediately.

Second room: there are pictures of “cleaning process” blackboard, eraser and cigarette. Next to the words “happiness” and “need”, erase “happiness” with the eraser, erase “need” with the eraser. Now wipe off the cigarette and say, “You are done with cigarettes forever.”

The third room: the room of life, which is full of happy friends, relatives, congratulations on quitting smoking. Give the patient a “key” so that when the patient wants to leave this happy place, he can leave.

4. Wake up the patient and congratulate him by saying: “You are now a person who has quit smoking, a person who will not smoke for life.”

Hypnotists use hypnotic lead words

You have entered this hypnotic state of deep relaxation. Because you have made up your mind to become a quit smoker, you have taken a big first step. Smoking affects the circulation of the blood and damages the tissues of the mouth, throat, nose, trachea and lungs. Also, smoke contains hundreds of toxic chemicals that contaminate your whole body.

There have been a lot of reports recently about radiation from cigarettes, and they looked at smokers who smoked half a pack of cigarettes a day, and found that in a year, the amount of radiation that these smokers get from their windpipes is equivalent to 300 chest X-rays from the skin, and that radiation is responsible for more than half of lung cancer. You know nicotine constricts your blood vessels, reducing blood flow, and reducing the amount of oxygen in your body. Carbon monoxide drives oxygen away from red blood cells and binds to them. With every cigarette smoked, carbon monoxide can occupy your body for up to six hours.

Smoking can cause heart disease, pneumothorax and stroke. You know smoking is a dirty habit that stinks your breath, your closet, and even your entire home. You’ve made a smart decision, which is a very important step for you, and one that will bring you a lot of benefits. It’s not just your family and friends who love and care about you who will be happy. I think you know how worried and unhappy they are about your smoking. It’s a turning point. You will no longer be controlled by a small cigarette, and you will no longer refuse to live a good life!

Follow exactly the advice I gave you, and on the day you set yourself to quit smoking, you will be a quiteless person, and you will have the ability to hypnotize yourself, and you will be in complete control of yourself, and you will be happy that you are in complete control of yourself. The instructions I’m going to give you in a minute are called post-hypnotic cues, and like the hypnotic state you’re in right now, your subconscious will pick up on these cues strongly. The first hint I want to give you is that you will do exactly as I give you instructions every day, and every day you will do exactly as I give you instructions. You will do this every morning for a week starting tomorrow. Buy two packs of cigarettes from brands you’ve never smoked before, open one pack, take off 15 cigarettes, crumb them up and throw them away. Get rid of them. You don’t want them. You’ll have 25 cigarettes left for the day. Then tell yourself:

This is my quota for today,

I think 25 cigarettes is a lot for today

I think 25 cigarettes is a lot for today

This is my quota for today.

I think 25 cigarettes today is a lot.

I think 25 cigarettes today is a lot.

(Say it to yourself several times)

Then plan in your mind how you are going to distribute those 25 cigarettes, save more cigarettes for the time when you smoke more often, clean the ashtray, put it in a cabinet or drawer, where the ashtray used to be, put a cup of boiling water, put the cigarettes in a drawer or briefcase, don’t put them too easily accessible. Do not carry cigarettes with you. Keep them away from your body.

Every time you want to smoke, take a sip of water and ask yourself, “Am I sure I want to smoke my quota?” If the answer is no, go ahead and stop thinking about smoking. You can’t stop the thought from coming to you, but you have complete control over what you want to think, so switch to the work you’re doing. If you really want to smoke one of your allotted cigarettes, you can go and get one and put it out as soon as you feel you have enough. Some people find that they don’t have the desire to smoke all one cigarette. Others find that a few puffs are all they need. Once you feel that’s enough, put the cigarette out, clean the ashtray and put it away.

At the end of the day, you do the same thing, take out your cigarette case, if there are any cigarettes left, you take them out, you crush them, you throw them away, you don’t want them, you throw away the empty cigarette case. You’ll find that 20 cigarettes a day is too much for you. If you follow the instructions, by day five you can get down to 19 cigarettes a day and become a quitter on your quit day. Once you break the habit, you will never smoke another cigarette and become a true non-smoker. Let me repeat, what you’re going to do. Every morning, buy two packs of cigarettes from a brand you’ve never smoked before, take out 15 cigarettes, crush them and throw them away, and tell yourself:

This is my day’s quota.

I think 25 cigarettes today is too much….

These are the Process and Guidelines for using hypnosis to quit smoking. Many of my friends have succeeded by hypnotizing themselves to quit smoking. I hope these methods can help you. Wish you success in quitting smoking soon.