Quick Self Hypnosis – Simple and Effective Method of Self-Hypnosis

Everyone can be their own best hypnotist if you want to. You can also try hypnosis, which will not only bring you relaxation, peace and comfort, but also allow your mind to grow and perfect. Here is a quick self-hypnosis method that is easy to use. If you are interested in it, try it.

Location: Anywhere quiet and undisturbed.

Posture: Sit or lie down, even before a meeting or exam.

Breathing: Try to keep each breath the deepest inhalation, the most full exhalation, feel the rise and fall of their lower abdomen.

Hints: Now, I slowly count from 1 to 20, every five seconds I count a number, every number I count my body is more relaxed, my mind is more quiet, and when I count to 20, I will go into a very good hypnotic state.

Key points of operation: Count Numbers regularly, concentrate, keep your mind sensitive and alert, and count each number clearly, as if each number is a deeper state of consciousness. After counting to 20, you enter a wonderful hypnotic state.

In this case, you can make positive self-suggestion according to the different needs of each person. The most common catchphrase is “every day I get better in every way.” Repeat yourself. They can also indicate that they can get up early in the morning, work can be completed smoothly, exams can be relaxed, interviews can be passed smoothly, goals can be achieved, and so on.

Before you wake up, suggest that you are more energetic and in a better mood, and then count from 5 to 1 to indicate that you are fully awake, full of energy and hope.

This is a very simple and effective method of self-hypnosis that can be used by almost anyone. Some people wonder how easy it is to self-hypnotize? Right! It’s that easy. Self-hypnosis is a wonderful ability that requires practice to get better and better. Sometimes, people who practice self-hypnosis don’t need to count to 20, just close their eyes and quiet themselves down to get into a comfortable, relaxed state of mind and engage in positive self-talk. In a sense, hypnosis is also to help the party better self-hypnosis.

The first time I tried it, I wondered if I could just go into hypnosis? I put on a piece of light music, before the exam, I tried it out with curiosity. The result was really comfortable. When I counted from 1 to 20, my mind seemed to have only music and my own breath. I seem to be asleep but I also seem to be awake, and the feeling is so good that I don’t want to wake up. I even thought if I had more Numbers, there would be something more wonderful. I suggest you try it. It’s a really good feeling. For people who are trying self-hypnosis for the first time, you need to repeat this exercise.  For those who try self-hypnosis for the first time, you need to do this exercise over and over again. Even if you feel confused at first, or if you easily fall asleep, you should stick to it. After many exercises and observations, you will gradually get better.

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