Positive Changes Hypnosis: 20 Step By Step

Positive changes hypnosis is a tool in order to modify the person’s behavior positively. Generally this process includes losing weight, quitting tobacco addiction, and maintains healthy eating habit.  It usually works by examining behavior that you would like to change and replacing that pattern with a new thing based on your creation. This means you can able to modify that how you react to the any kind of matters like usual stress and anxiety, cravings for tobacco or alcohol, an unsatisfying relationship and so on.

Steps to lose weight using self Positive changes Hypnosis

lose weight Hypnosis

You can make use of the hypnosis to set the mind about losing your weight is also a type of positive changes in your physique. Let us know the steps that how to do the self-hypnosis to lose weight:-

(1) You believe in yourself because most of the hypnosis power based on the fact that how you convince yourself.

(2) First you have to find a calm place without any disturbance.

(3) Wear the loose clothes and set the temperature at a comfortable level

(4) Each individual has a unique habit to get relax. In case, if you get relax by listening to music, then you can play music specifically something instrumental

(5) Then you have focused on any kind of object which is slightly above you and you have to make that object is the only thing which you are conscious of.

(6) After this, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Imagine that all the stress and tension are disappearing from the muscles. Then allow this kind of feeling from the head to the leg

(7) Once you are fully relaxed, the mind must be clear and then think that you are in the part of positive changes hypnosis.

Steps to quit smoking

quit smoking Hypnosis

(8) Having a good visualization power will help you to picture yourself as completely smoke free and imagine how your life would when you are entirely smoke free.

(9) The feelings and images during the visualization help you to overcome the negative feelings which can make you quit from smoking.

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