Hypnosis Deepening Techniques : 6 Main Skills

Hypnotists will mainly use the following techniques to enhance the experience of hypnosis to deepen the depth of hypnosis.

(1) Direct suggestion : The hypnotist directly tells the patient: “Go into deeper, deeper hypnosis.” If the hypnotist has a deep, thick voice, it is easier to achieve hypnotic deepening in a direct suggestion.

(2) Count the numbers :The hypnotist told the patient: “When I count from 1 to 10, you will enter a deeper hypnosis with each number I count. 1: You will feel more and more relaxed, 2: enter deeper hypnosis, 3: Completely relax, 4: very comfortable and relaxed, 5: into a deeper hypnosis, 6: deeper and deeper, 7: the deepest hypnosis, 8: deeper and deeper, 9: is coming soon, 10: Enter the deepest hypnosis.”

(3) Use Hypnotic scale : The hypnotist asks the patient to imagine a measuring scale for the depth of hypnosis,1 for the shallowest hypnosis and 20 for the deepest, and asks him to close his eyes and say which number on the scale he thinks is the depth of his hypnosis.┬áIf the patient says 10, the hypnotist will tell him that “10 is very good,” and then ask him to take a few deep breaths to make the number ;If it is reached 15, he will nod, indicating that he has entered a deeper hypnosis.

(4) Imagination : For example, “the scenery of the beach” asks the patient to imagine himself lying on the beach watching the waves, and gradually entering a deeper hypnotic state as the waves hit the shore again and again. Or “the method that takes stair” ask a patient to imagine the stair that has 10 steps before one by one, every go down one stage, let oneself enter deeper hypnotic state.

(5) Fractionation Hypnosis : After a period of hypnotic guidance, the patient will be partially or completely awakened, and the patient will be led to another deeper hypnosis, and then the patient will be awakened in a series of guidance and awakening. This process of hypnosis can be more easily experienced by patients who have undergone hypnosis for the first time.

(6) A challenge suggestion for any hypnotic phenomenon : For example, the hypnotist says, “your closed eyes are stuck. Try opening your eyes, and you’ll find you can’t.” When a patient tries to open his eyes but can’t, the hypnotist can encourage the patient by saying, “good, you’ve put yourself into a good hypnosis.” The appearance of hypnosis is evidence that the patient has entered hypnosis.

At this point, after the hypnotic guidance and deepening period, the patient enters a passive state of control has been given to the hypnotist or the patient’s subconscious. The metaphor is that once the patient has surrendered control, it is easier to accept the suggestion, and the hypnotist can begin to enter the healing phase and treat the patient.

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