How to Use Hypnosis to Lose Weight ? 4 Useful Steps to Help

Hypnotic weight loss is to take advantage of the fact that people are more likely to accept instructions in a hypnotic state so that patients can accept the suggestion of dieting to lose weight and forget the eating habits that led to obesity in the past.

1. Real case of hypnotic weight loss

Here’s a real example of hypnosis for weight loss: In a hospital in Houston, Texas, two doctors used hypnosis to treat 29 nurses to lose weight. A doctor and a nurse were seated in a chair facing each other, and the nurse was asked to stare up at the ceiling and take deep breaths. The nurse was hypnotized, and the doctor told the nurse, Greasy food tastes bad, while low-calorie food tastes good. The hypnotic nurses changed their eating habits dramatically, and when they went to the grocery store to buy food, they did not want to buy greasy foods anymore. By the end of the first week of hypnotherapy, everyone had lost an average of 1.8kg, with excellent results.

People under hypnosis are receptive to suggestions, take in new suggestions very firmly, and overcome past habits. Hypnosis weight loss is a psychological beauty technology, is also a special technology of psychological treatment, it needs to be carried out under the guidance of experienced psychologists.

2. What kind of weight loss method is effective?

The course of reducing weight on the market is generally not cheap, and there are a lot of people who are soon obese again after losing weight, and even appear bulimia, anorexia and other conditions. Because these weight-loss treatments ignore the psychological factors of obesity. These factors include:

(1) Negative instructions

The human brain is not designed to process negative commands. It’s like if someone told you never to think about a pink elephant. You can think of anything but a pink elephant, and then what do you think? Yes, a pink elephant. Because your subconscious will be on the pink elephant. Unfortunately, most weight-loss programs fail to pay attention to this point. For example, some advertisements emphasize “losing extra weight” and “losing extra body fat”. Your brain will focus on “extra weight” and “extra fat”, which is happening subconsciously, so it is not easy to notice. In this way, you are instructing your brain to gain weight or fat.

(2) Psychological reasons for gaining weight

There is usually a key factor behind obesity caused by uncontrolled diet. I once had a client who was 180 cm tall and weighed more than 180 kg. While he was under hypnosis, I ordered him to find out the cause of his obesity, and he told me that when he was young he had an older brother who died of malnutrition at the age of 13. As a result, his parents believe that children need to gain weight to be healthy. Therefore, his subconscious has always believed that only fat can be healthy. So there was no way he could lose weight.

(3) The reasons for confidence

Some people completely lose confidence in losing weight after several weight loss failures. Once such faith is lost, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot succeed. Therefore, we can use self-hypnosis to increase confidence, so that we have a chance to lose weight successfully.

(4) hypnotic weight-loss operation steps

Step 1: Go into hypnosis.

Step 2: Slowly visualize yourself losing weight. If you have a picture of yourself before you gained weight, you can review that picture in advance. Carefully visualize what you will look like when you are thinner, with a thin waist and long legs. Think about every detail of your body after you lose weight.

Step 3: Tell yourself that this is what you will be. Imagine this beautiful woman (man) enjoying life, riding a horse across the beautiful prairie.

Step 4: The crucial step is to tell yourself that from this day forward, you will only eat what you need. You won’t have any desire for more than you need. Also, tell yourself that you need to get enough exercise every day. This will help you stay in good shape.

With the above steps, if you are willing to stick to it, not only your body will be greatly improved, but also your skin and mood will be greatly improved.