How to Hypnotize Yourself : 10 Tips

When you want to hypnotize yourself, you will need to understand that it is a very difficult task. However, if you make use of the right methods, you will definitely be able to hypnotize yourself in no time. Hypnotizing oneself is like meditating. Only that you can understand and find out the inner you better.

(1) Talk to yourself

Hypnotize Yourself Talk to yourself

When starting the hypnotize process on you, talk to yourself. You need to convince yourself that you can do it. Get to know the inner you by focusing on what you like the most. It could be a person, item, etc. Keep focusing on it and then start to go in a deep trance.

(2) Find your purpose

Hypnotize Yourself Find your purpose

You need to find your purpose for hypnotizing yourself. Probably you would then be able to do it better on yourself. Sometimes people just do it for the sake of it. They do not achieve what they were looking for.

(3) Learn it by studying more

Hypnotize Yourself Learn it by studying more

You can learn more about it by studying through online sources. There are many books and guides on how you can hypnotize yourself. The more you study the more methods you can find to do it yourself. You need to understand that certain methods will work on certain individuals, while some might not.

To find out the method that is suitable for you, reading these guides is useful.

(4) Join a class

Hypnotize Yourself Join a class

You can join a class and find out more on hypnotizing yourself. There are many gyms and sessions conducted in several towns and cities. Find out where it is conducted in your locality. Supposing it is far off, then learn it and implement it at home.

(5) Have company

Hypnotize Yourself Have company

Things work better when you have company or somebody with you. This helps you achieve it easily as you try to outdo each other. It could be your parents, partner, or friend. Getting somebody to join you in these sessions can help you learn it efficiently.

(6) Wear the right clothes

Hypnotize Comfortable cloth

You need to make sure that you are wearing the right clothes. Comfortable pants or shorts along with t-shirt is fine. You can either sit on a chair or on the ground, whichever is convenient for you. However, the ultimate goal is to be able to hypnotize yourself without much effort and strain.

(7) Get the proper atmosphere

Hypnotize atmosphere

The proper atmosphere where you want to meditate is crucial. Hypnotizing yourself is same as going into a deep trance where you neead the right kind of atmosphere. Some of you might find places inside your home comfortable, while others might find areas like your bathroom or living room absolutely comfortable for meditating.

(8) Use some relaxing music

Hypnotize relaxing music

Make use of some relaxing music to meditate. Sometimes music can help you achieve what you want. Relaxing music is always useful and helpful. Some incense sticks are also fine to be able get where you want to go in your meditation.

(9) The area must be well ventilated

Hypnotize peace area

It is important that the area where you want to meditate is well ventilated. You will be in trance for several hours in some cases, it is extremely crucial that you do not feel uneasy or sick. If you are meditating in your basement, then make sure that the area is airy.

(10) Have some patience

Hypnotize patience

Having little patience is vital for you to be able to achieve what you are looking for. In the first few times you may not be able to get into the trance. However, will practice you can achieve it. So, some patience is required from your part.


These are some of the steps you need to implement in order to understand hypnotizing yourself. Once you have learnt how to do them, you must try it out as much as possible and get the answers which you were looking for. Be patient when things don’t work out the first few times, they will eventually.