Forced Feminization Hypnosis: 20 Step By Step

In this current era, Feminization Hypnosis is gaining more popularity. This is one of the best and effective techniques to make a man into a complete feminine. Most of the transgender would like to explore their inner feeling and nature of feminine, by practicing Feminization Hypnosis anyone can be more feminine, this process is generally known as Feminization Hypnosis. There are numbers of technicalities are involved in this process. If a person practices this technique can definitely reach the inner sole and change the emotions and feelings as per the requirement. Feminization Hypnosis can make changes into female physically, behaviorally and emotionally.

Let us see some forced feminization hypnosis techniques

(1) Self-respect is the basic parameter in Feminization Hypnosis, which eventually helps in enhancing your confidence level.

(2) Building confidence level is an essential entity in this process which plays an important role in executing the effective result.

(3) In this level reprogramming of your subconscious mind is done, with some effective Feminization Hypnosis steps.

Forced Feminization Hypnosis

(4) Focusing on behavioral transformation: this step involves building and incorporating behaviors female. This defiantly helps in facing society confidently. And also, this can make a change in emotional characteristics, manner, and reaction.

(5) Posturing core female nature: in this processes focused and inheriting some of the basic and core features of feminine like sensitive, demure, and caring.

(6) Physical transformation: this is one of the most important and essential steps where the physical status of the person has to be polished and trained to be like more feminine.

(7) Enhancing hormones: Feminization Hypnosis plays an important role in enhancing hormones. This can change the physical appearance of a man into a female, like silk hair skin tone, even your voice can be changed into the soft tone.

(8) Making to feel and enjoy the physical and behavioral transformation of the individual.

(9) Focusing on body language: in this level, Feminization Hypnosis plays important which includes working on lady posture, gesture, hand movement, facial.

(10) Mobilizing voice: here the voice modulation is monitored and focused on natural tone, pitch, conversation, and higher voice, which plays an important role in the processes.

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  1. Many use hypnosis to get over certain issues like shyness. You don’t have to attack the shyness head on; something related will do. Simply imagining yourself going about the world with your head high, smiling, and making eye contact can be the first step toward a more extroverted you.

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