Deepak Chopra Meditation: 20 Essential Techniques We Learned

Deepak Chopra meditation techniques are designed to make your mind peaceful. It helps us to discover our inner self that we lose in the struggle of life. All the techniques are quite easy to follow and are designed to reach the sole purpose of reaching our soul.

(1) It’s a professional work- one aspect that we surely understand that the art of teaching meditation is a work of a professional. To achieve success through it, one must consult a professional person.

(2) Taking control- the first most important thing is to be comfortable. We must seat in a comfortable and relaxed position where we can control ourselves.

Deepak Chopra Meditation

(3) Do not lie down on back- one must not choose a place like a sofa or must not lie down on back. The person may fall asleep.

(4) The posture is simple- many people complicate the posture of meditation. One just needs to be comfortable with arms not closing to each other.

(5) Start with self- repeating the words “I am” is a crucial thing. It helps to concentrate on self.

(6) Getting aware of your body- in meditation technique, understanding getting aware of our own body plays a vital role.

(7) Keep your thinking on you- the first phase of meditation is all about cantering the concentration on self. On our mind, body, nothing but only on self.

(8) Keep yourself calm- all the primary techniques are done to make ourselves calm in while going through the process of meditation.

Deepak Chopra Meditation Essential Techniques We Learned

(9) Peaceful place- Choosing right place and the environment is a highly important issue for mediation. Half of the meditation’s success depends on it.

(10) Wear loose clothes- don’t feel uncomfortable with cloths. Don’t let the cloth become barrier to concentrate.

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