Conversational Hypnosis: 12 Essential Techniques

What was believed to be dark magic or dark art in the earlier days is actually now known as conversational or covert hypnosis. By means of this type of hypnosis, one can read and control the mind of an individual. While centuries ago this was believed to be black magic, now we know that there are various techniques that are applied by hypnotists to go on with conversational hypnosis. Here are the essential techniques.

(1) Body language :

Body language

What a person is thinking can be made out through their body language. Hypnotists analyze the body language of the person to conclude that what the person is thinking about.

(2) Eye cues :

Eye cues

This is a very effective technique of conversational hypnosis. Depending on the direction of the eyes as they move, hypnotists can tell if the person is nervous, anxious or happy.

(3) Submodalities :


How people react to different information is something that tells a lot of about them. The whole purpose of submodalities is to determine those actions that invoke a negative or positive reaction.

(4) Deception :


Yet another strong technique for conversational hypnosis. The purpose is to deceive someone by using certain words to bring out original person from inside.

(5) Misdirection :


Through this technique, the hypnotist tries to draw the attention of the patient to something else while he focuses on implanting a thought in their mind.

(6) Cold reading :

Cold reading

This is possibly the most commonly used technique. The hypnotist would say vague things about the individual right after seeing him from the first time Depending on the responsive reactions he would gradually try to find out the truth about the individual.

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