5 Mental Functions that Hypnosis Affects

The study found that hypnotic instructions can produce five “hypnotic properties” and change at least five mental functions, including intuition, reflex, habit, consciousness and subconscious.

(1) Absolute concentration, fixed focus: For example, after the hypnotist gives the command to “focus on my voice”, the hypnotist’s attention will carefully concentrate and listen to the sound made by the hypnotist.

(2) Within the range of concentration, the corresponding sensory perception is particularly acute: For example, when a hypnotized person receives a command to “focus on his/her nostrils” and actually executes it, his/her nostril sensation becomes particularly acute, allowing him/her to experience the subtle changes of air passing through the nostril while breathing, and to distinguish between “cold, hot, numb, itchy” and other differences.

(3) The body, organs and mind all enter a deep state of relaxation: No matter self-hypnosis or hypnosis by others, as long as the hypnotized person can follow the instructions to guide, should be able to enter a deep state of relaxation, including the mind and the whole body muscles, internal organs, endocrine and nervous system.

(4) Control of mental and physical reflexes and subconscious nerve activities, with anesthetic and analgesic effects: Under hypnosis, the “anesthesia” command can make the hypnotized person’s “nerve pain reflex” temporarily disappear, even after receiving tooth extraction and surgery will not feel pain.

(5) Even when the hypnotic state is removed, the subconscious can still continue to perform the psychosomatic response required by the hypnotic command, known as the post-hypnotic response: Experience has shown that insomniacs under hypnosis receive instructions from a psychotherapist: “from now on, your insomnia at night will completely disappear!” Even if the patient leaves the hypnotic state and psychological clinic, his subconscious can still carry out the hypnotic instructions at night, and improve insomnia, or even recover from it.

After understanding the wonderful use of hypnotic instructions, the next step is to explore the influence of hypnotic instructions on “hypnotic depth”.

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