20 Steps for Guided Sleep Meditation

(11) Analyze your inner feeling

The next vital step is to analyze your inner feeling in order to focus on what you want to achieve through guided sleep meditation.

(12) Check whether the body is properly distributed

It will also be wise to check that your whole body has been properly distributed on the bed.

(13) Make sure to breathe in a rhythmic way

To achieve your ultimate goal through guided sleep meditation, it will be wise to breathe in a rhythmic way.

(14) Turn on the track

Now it’s time to turn on the CD player and then listen to the specific track in a detail and relaxed manner.

Guided Sleep Meditation Tips

(15) Follow the steps properly

If you want to enjoy a comfortable sleep in a smart way then it will certainly be wise for you to hear the audio track and thereby follow the instructions in the best possible way.

(16) Visualize the audio

Try to visualize each and every thing that you hear through the music player. This step will provide relaxation to your brain.

(17) Focus on the events occurred in the specific day

During the process of sleep meditation, it will be wise for you to focus on the events that happened on the specific day. This unique step will help you to get rid of stress and feel relaxed.

Guided Sleep Meditation Training

(18) Try to repeat the words of the track

Make sure to repeat each and every word of the track as it will help you to focus adequately towards your goal.

(19) Ask your body to rest until the next day

During the process of guided sleep meditation, ask your various parts of the body to rest until the next day. This step will motivate you to sleep adequately.

(20) Play the track again

If you are not able to fall asleep in first instance, make sure to take a deep breath play the track again.

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