20 Steps for Guided Sleep Meditation

Having proper sleep at night will not just only help you to achieve good health but will also enable to get rid of mental stress in a smart way. But if sleeping is a challenge for you then make sure to consider guided sleep meditation. It is a unique process by which a person listens to a specific audio track and thereby gains knowledge about the techniques of meditation in a convenient way.

20 Major steps of guided sleep meditation

(1) Get a guided meditation CD

The first important step is to get a reputed guided mediation CD. You can either buy it or download it from the internet.

(2) Check the reputation of the guided sleep meditation CD

You must check the reputation of the guided sleep meditation track. Go through the reviews to analyze whether it will help you to enjoy a good sleep.

(3) Check out the track thoroughly

Make sure to check the track thoroughly in order to analyze whether there are any sorts of advertisement at the end of the meditation session.

Guided Sleep Meditation steps

(4) Set up the Audio device close to bed

Make sure to set up the audio device next to the bed so that you can control its volume conveniently.

(5) Keep the device in sleeping mode

Make sure to keep the device in sleeping mode so that it turns off after the track gets finished.

(6) Do not use headphones

You must never use head phone to listen to the track as it can get tangled around the neck.

(7) Wear comfortable outfit

Make sure to wear comfortable outfit to enjoy sleeping in a better way.  It will also be wise to turn off the lights and consider lying on bed comfortably.

(8) Get rid of any distraction

It will be wise for you to get rid of any distraction in order to enjoy a healthy sleep.

(9) Switch off lights and relax

It is highly recommended to switch off the lights and thereby feel relaxed.

Guided Sleep Meditation

(10) Make sure to breathe deeply

The next important step is to breathe deeply for about 4 to 5 times in order to get relief from stress.

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