19 Skills of Silva Mind Control Method

The Silva mind control technique is one of the most effective stress control and mind development system presented by Jose Silva in 1966. This technique involves a number of lecture series as well as mind training exercises which blend the most effective concepts along with scientific techniques in the personal growth and spiritual growth. This training technique is completely based on the dualistic nature, i.e. we are both spiritual as well as physical.

Silva mind control training program teaches mind control through relaxation, maximizing the usage of logical left brain and also creative right brain for dynamic changes in life. The main goal of the Silva mind control program is how to make use of brain extensively and also to activate the untapped area of the. Now, it’s time for the people to make necessary changes in their lives and also in other lives.

Jose Silva
Jose Silva

Listed below are important skills of Silva mind control method

(1) Deep relaxation

Silva mind control technique provides deep relaxation for both mind and body at the same instance of time.

(2) Meditation

With the change in hectic and busy schedule, rarely one gets time to meditate. In fact, meditation is pretty much important to lead a calm life. The Silva mind control program teaches you to meditate both with open and closed eyes.

Silva Mind Control Method

(3) Memory recognition of past events

When you control your mind, it’s possible to achieve anything in life. In the same way, you can recognize the memories of past events when you are in deep meditation.

(4) Self-diagnosis of physical health issues

This mind control technique helps you to diagnose your own physical health issues.

(5) Energy level control

When you have the capability to control your mind through mind control techniques, it’s quite easy to know about the energy level control.

(6) Subconscious sides of oneself

By mind control techniques, it is possible to understand the subconscious mind of yourself.

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(7) Subconscious sides of others

By practicing mind controlling techniques regularly, it’s also possible to understand the subconscious mind of others as well.

(8) Brainstorming as well as idea formation

When you practice mind control techniques regularly, there is every possibility for idea formation as well as brainstorming.

(9) Silva mind control method Self-diagnosis the  emotional and mental health issues

When mind control techniques are regularly practiced, one can easily self-diagnose they’re emotional as well as mental health issues.

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