12 Common Hypnotic Phenomena in Our Daily Life

When we went to the cinema to watch a movie, we were attracted by the wonderful story, and we followed the character to experience the plot in the film, as if we were part of it. When the movie is over, the lights can’t be returned to reality, and there is even a feeling of not knowing where they are. When I came back, I began to notice the physiological needs. When I walked to the bathroom, I found a long queue. Every second wait was so long. This whole process involves many hypnosis, dissociation, positive and negative hallucinations, anesthesia, shortened and prolonged time. When people are in a state of concentration, they will enter hypnosis, so hypnosis will naturally occur in daily life.

(1) Illusion :

Look up at the blue sky and white clouds, with the clouds change, fantasy of different animals running in the sky. “Once bitten, twice shy” and “afraid of one’s own shadow” are examples of positive hallucinations. The child who is absorbed in the electric toy will not hear his mother call him to eat, nor will he feel hungry. When the game is over, he will complain that his mother did not call him to eat.

(2) Anesthesia or pain relief : 

In the Three Kingdoms era, Guan Gong’s arm was injured and pus, and Hua Tuo was debrided for him. Guan Gong read “Spring and Autumn” while accepting debridement surgery. This is the most famous historical record of using hypnosis anesthesia to complete surgery. In some religious activities, people who participate in activities often show an amazing tolerance for pain. When a child starts to squat, you can insert a long needle into your body, or use a sharp weapon to cut the blood on your body without feeling pain. People who have gone through the fire can walk barefoot through the burning red charcoal fire. Warriors fight on the battlefield and athletes compete on the sports field. They often find physical injury or pain after the battle and the game.

(3) Dissociation :

When we were in the classroom, listening to the boring lessons, we either fell asleep or started daydreaming, wandering to our favorite place. This ability will still exist after we grow up. In boring meetings, we can mentally plan a long weekend trip. While driving, we can listen to music while chatting with others. On American roads, truck drivers often enter highway hypnosis and drive long distances alone for days.

(4) Ideomotor behavior and  ideosensory behavior :

When mom feed the baby to eat, in the mind that the baby will open their mouth will unconsciously open their mouth. Sitting in the driver’s seat, in an emergency, you put your foot out and try to apply the brakes. “Quenching Thirst by Looking at Plums.”, think of plums, cause saliva, is the intention of action; If you think about plums, your thirst will go away.

(5) Automated writing or drawing :

Workers who need to record the date, such as medical staff, often write the wrong date in the new year. When you’re bored in a meeting or class, you will graffiti on paper.

(6) Posthypnotic suggestion :

When we saw a curved “M” word, the most people think of the global chain of fast food restaurants, not the sticky chocolate. There are many patients who want to lose weight. After learning how to slow down the speed of chewing food, they find that they can’t finish a lunch. When they want to throw away the rest of the food, there will be a mother’s voice in their minds: “You can’t waste food. I had to finish the rest of the food. Advertising and parental shackles are common and powerful hypnotic hints.

(7) Catalepsy :

When the students raised their hands in class, the teacher did not respond. After a period of time, the raised hands became stiff.

Holding a glass in your hand at a cocktail party and chatting with your friends will stiffen your hand.

The teacher holding the microphone in class, the whole process of the class, the need to hold the microphone hand in a stiff state.

(8) Time distortion :

When you play with young children, or with your parents, you feel younger. When we browse through past albums, it is natural to recall the past, and experience it in a variety of sensory experiences, seeing, hearing, or physically feeling as if we were back in time.

(9) Age progression :

When you arrange a long-awaited holiday, you will always imagine the beautiful situation that will happen during the holiday before you arrive. Other important events that are about to happen will also lead to associations and even experience of immersion. For example, you will not be able to sleep nervously before a major exam.

(10) Amnesia :

Amnesia is probably the most common phenomenon of hypnosis. Every day we forget things, such as not finding a key, or entering the room but forgetting what to do, calling to find a friend, the other party said that there is something to find us, when the other party finishes his business, ask us to find When he has something, he often can’t think of it.

(11) Memory enhancement :

Some memories will easily return to our minds. Clearly remember the situation of love, it is a wonderful feeling. In contrast, it is also possible to remember traumatic events again and again, and to re-experience negative feelings.

(12) Time warp :

As mentioned earlier, when we engage in fun activities, time passes quickly. In contrast, when we are forced to engage in boring things, time becomes very slow. The teacher asked a very philosophical question in class: “When is the last day of your life, what are you going to do?” One classmate replied, “I will come to your class.” The teacher asked him happily: “Why?” The classmate answered “Go to your class,” really let me” the day feel like years “. This is a hypnosis of standard time extension.

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