10 Ways of How to Avoid Highway Hypnosis

Have you ever driven down the highway and soon realized that you have come 2miles and you are not aware how you reached there? You are in the state of hypnotized. The word hypnosis is defined as getting the consciousness of concentrated attention which reduces outside influences and allows your subconscious mind to get new suggestions.

The long stretch roads have the tendency of changing the driver’s condition into a hypnotic state by removing the memory of driving. At times, it can be very dangerous. There are certain essential steps which can be taken in order to avoid highway hypnosis.

Listed below are a few strategies which are used to prevent the dangers of highway hypnosis-

(1) Start the journey early

Start the journey early

The mind will be fresher as well as more alert during the early hours of the day. That’s it’s better to get on the road as early as possible.

(2) An eye full night sleep

full night sleep

One of the best ways to avoid highway hypnosis is to have sufficient sleep. Getting to bed early at night will keep you more alert on the road.

(3) Turn on your favorite music

Turn on your favorite music

Turning on the radio is one the great ways to keep you awake while you are on the road. Stay far from soothing songs, news channels and NPR channels instead listen to a rocking station.

(4) Keep your eyes completely active

Keep your eyes completely active

While driving on a long stretch road, make sure to view thoroughly through the surrounding areas. This is one of the simplest techniques to prevent hypnosis.

(5) Sit straight

driving Sit straight

A curvy sitting position will definitely make you fall asleep easily which is a deadly dangerous condition. So, in order to avoid such a scenario, it’s suggested to sit upright and attentive position.

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