10 Tips of How to Hypnotize Someone to Sleep

Hypnosis is one of the best ways to overcome many health issues like drug addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and anxiety. Hypnotizing somebody is really not a difficult task, but the thing is you need to have confidence in yourself in order to accomplish the task in a successful way. Hypnosis can be easily accomplished in few simple steps.

Here are the 10 vital tips to hypnotize someone to sleep

(1) Conductive environment

Dimming lights environment

Firstly, ensure that your surrounding is suitable for hypnotizing. Dimming lights and other such things distract hypnosis process. Get relaxation to your body as well as mind by taking a slow breath through the nose and exhale through the mouth. A few scented candles in a room would be ideal for doing hypnosis.

(2) Have complete control on your eye movement

eye movement hypnotize someone

Ensure to have complete control over your own eye moments and maintain the same eye contact with the other person without blinking. This is one of the major criteria to hypnotize someone. The longer you can last; you will get a much better chance to hypnotize the person just through the eyes.

(3) Get rid of your thoughts

So many Thoughts

Get rid of all your worries and thoughts by assigning each of them a color. Now tell the person whom you are hypnotizing to imagine a liquid filling from the feet through the head. And when it is done, you will completely feel relaxed and ease. At this point of the stage, you can suggest an action, thought or an idea.

(4) Sit in a comfortable position

Sit in a comfortable position

Make sure that the person is completely relaxed. While hypnotizing talk in a soothing voice and also pay attention to your temper as well.

(5) Direct attention towards various parts of the body

hypnotize someone

Once the person is completely relaxed, then direct their attention towards various parts of the body and make them deeply relax in an order. Start from toes and move up to the body.

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